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Please help ! Jackson SL2H-T, SL2H

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  • Please help ! Jackson SL2H-T, SL2H

    Hello JCF

    I used to own a Jackson SL2H-T back in the day which was just the string thru version of the SL2H. It is no longer in production. I would like to have one again but I am concerned how much a custom SL2H would be, just to have the same off the shelf model with a different bridge. When I looked into this a while ago I found a guitar website that seemed to offer semi-custom options for Jacksons for guys like me who just want minor differences, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If anyone has any information at all about any of this I would much appreciate it. Thank you.

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    What you want is a Jackson Custom Select:


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      Would I be paying slightly more for a string thru with the same specs as an off the shelf SL2H , or will I be paying much more because a master builder from the custom shop will be installing that bridge ?


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        I have the 2H and 2HT from the production years and I vaguely recall checking the price on a new SL2HT from the Custom Select options and the price was in the range of a production model SL2H. The difference wasn't much to my memory, but I don't trust my memory anymore.

        I'm pretty sure the TOM bridge won't require a Master Build, only a Custom Select.
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