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  • pc1 sustainer value

    hi all.might have a sustainer from a pc1 for sale, how much are they worth ?,and it works, thanks

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    Complete system (board, driver, pots, 5 way switch, jack, battery box, and harness).
    About $150-$200.
    Board only.... $100-$150.
    Reason for such low prices... Low demand, and very few people know how to work on these. It also requires a lot of work to retrofit into another guitar.

    The boards themselves rarely fail.
    95% of the issues are with the cheap battery box and crappy wiring job Jackson does on these. Which is totally unacceptable for a $3k guitar.

    I have two of these sustainers (one complete system and one just lacking the harness), I keep them around for spares and guiding people through troubleshooting problems. Someday I may retro fit on into another guitar.

    Rev B units can be finicky, but can be improved with a slight rewire.
    Rev C units made by Floyd Rose (yes, Floyd Rose designed and manufactured these) are pretty solid. Poor wiring by Jackson is the main cause of problems with these.
    Current Rev C units are made by another company now (don't remember off the top of my head, the name is silk screened on the new boards), but the FR patent on these expired so anyone can make a copy without a license from FR.
    Some of the later FR Rev C units and newer ones also use a plastic 4 point jack that is a common failure point, but the boards are identical to the FR made units.
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      ok mate thanks