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RR1T with Jin-Ho tuners?

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  • RR1T with Jin-Ho tuners?

    Did Jackson install Jin-Ho tuners in made in USA guitars like RR1 in 2003? Or has someone replaced Gotohs with cheaper parts:
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    For me these tuners looks like real Gotoh, why do you think otherwise?
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      My Jacksons: RR1 x2, RR Pro, Soloist Pro, RRXMG x2, SDX, JS32RR


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        Originally posted by Zedder View Post
        There is a visible difference.
        I can't tell. Can you explain \ add a pointer or circle around the differences? I have a Lightning Sky 2005 RR1, so with a locking nut it doesn't make as big a difference as your RR1T, but I'll take a look if you tell me what I'm looking for.


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          I have 2003 SL2H and it has Gotoh tuners. Gotoh tuners have flare on the neck/shaft and no step between the base of the gear housing like Jinhos do.


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            The Jin Ho's I've seen have 'Jin Ho' stamped on them and the Jackson logo'd Gotohs have 'Japan' stamped.

            I'll have to check my parts again, because I remember my JHs and Gotohs looking closer to identical than the examples shown.

            I've even got the Gotoh SG381 to comapare, but it'll be this weekend.
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