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    Originally posted by SATCH1967 View Post
    J95 was the hottest Jackson put out, J90c was right below it. I have a Model2 with a J90c and its smokin,,, my model 88 with the J95 is just a bit hotter.
    I just refurbished a very early Model 2 with a modified Fulcrum and an US J90C and it sounds amazing, really roaring, brilliant, warm.


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      Originally posted by PowerTube View Post

      Really? I've heard otherwise all over the place, and especially on this forum.
      Well I can speak from very recent experience with all three of popular Model series pickups (J50BC, J80C, J90C) in the same Jackson Soloist.

      My Soloist came with the J50BC as was standard in the early '90s. It has a GREAT tone, although very mild output. It pairs very well with the JE-1200 midboost and plenty of gain, but I like a touch more gain from the pickup, so I made the leap to the J90C. And a very big leap it was in output, although at the expense of some loss of high end detail and clarity. I found that the J80C was my Goldilocks and still have it today. The J80C is only slightly louder than the 50, but the J90 is an even bigger step up from the 80 and I felt it was a bit too boomy for the kind of intricate hi-gain rhythm I like to play with my other guitars on the same amp settings.
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        my favorite guitar has the 90 - with the 18v 1200
        my tone, for my music, was fantastic

        I will point out, however, it is an old guitar and I used an old rig.
        But since I updated my rig (to a modeler), the 1200 really doesn't make any sort of change to my tone. So, I could run the 90 with or without the 1200 and have virtually the same tone.
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