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Jackson PC1 sustainer pot replacement !

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  • Jackson PC1 sustainer pot replacement !

    This is the EXACT company that supplies Jackson with the PC1 sustainer pot should anyone need to order a replacement.

    Just thought you all might like to know seeing as how super reliable those units are ! LOL!

    This is yet another company that sells the PEC pot as well.
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    Thanks Viktor!
    Now somebody pin this page quick.
    I recall that Canada seemed to be the only place to get these things.
    I could never find any for sale by any U.S. supplier.
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      My pleasure Rick!

      As well there is a fellow rumoured to be a associated to the supplier to Jackson for the sustainer units.

      He is often on the Bare Knuckles forum under the name baritonedan. IIRC his name is Rick Knotts and runs Duryee Knotts LLC

      Mind me helpful to introduce this fellow to our forum given that there are sadly plenty of older PC1's with non functional sustainers.

      Hope that helps!
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