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Export Charvel TBX - Time to eat ramen

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  • Export Charvel TBX - Time to eat ramen

    I thought I would never see a real one after all these decades.
    I knew they were out there because I have a couple photobucket pictures but damn.
    I sold my TBX in 2014 after 20 years and regretted it for a while, but like anything else you almost are certain you will never get another, I just said the money was put to good use and that was that.

    The guy who sold me my SLB-125 asked me to buy it from him before he puts it on reverb. This unit just CAN'T be allowed to slip away because if they made so few TBX's, they made even less of the Charvel version.

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    I love all these rare models. This is super cool! Not a bassist at all, but I truly appreciate seeing stuff like this. Never saw this in any catalog or any website before.


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      Beautiful. Love the reverse sharkies and the aged binding.


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        That's pretty awesome! Love the reverse fins on that, too.
        I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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          I don't think they put the reverse fins on another Japanese bass?
          Here is the old TBX probably around 2010 or so with the white binding turning all brownish the same way.

          and the SLB with the incredibly gold binding from so many years with the silver paint now gold.
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            so yep, I bought it. It will take a bit to get from RU to the US but it will proudly be played and displayed for many years He took one more pic and wanted to play it one more time before packing it up.