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  • What model is this please

    Dear forum
    Looking to id Charvel bass - model, year and estimate value - not that i want to sell it, its too good to play and is in great condition for its age. It has Charvel toothpase logo on headstock and charvel by Jackson on pickups, but Jackson bridge and keys. It has 24 frets , a bridge pickup and a split neck pickup. Below the 24th frett is C001298. The neck is bolted in but there is no neckplate. It cames with an original tweed / red felt case that has the metal Charvel badge on it.

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    Hey there,
    Some pictures would def help out
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      A bolt on without a plate. But does have a serial number stamped into the fretboard.
      A toothpaste logo that originally came with a tweed case.



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        Pointyhead or Surfcaster/2x2 head?

        Can't recall a Model series with a non-plated bolt system (machine screws into threaded inserts). I'm guessing JJ bass or Surfcaster, but I think those had Duncan Designed, and were not P/J or Hum/P setups.
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          wow no pictures?
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