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    I don't like the sound of the Duncan Designed pickups in my DX10D. Right now I'm considering the SD JB or Custom for the bridge and the '59 for the neck to replace them. In your opinion, what is the best pickup combination for this guitar?

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    Re: New pickups

    wrong area for posting your question, but that's cool. we need a little more information to give u better advice. what style of music do u play the most, what is your guitar's wood, do u want hums and singles or just hums, do u want versitility or just something awesome for a few sounds, do u have a floyd or fixed bridge, what's your rig setup? as for basic all-around goodness JB/59 combo first comes to mind. if u like that combo u might like custom/jazz better. i'll help u out more when i get more info. peace.