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Made in Indonesia Jacksons - SLX vs SL2 Pro

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  • Made in Indonesia Jacksons - SLX vs SL2 Pro

    Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

    I am an avid fan of Jackson guitars.

    I have a few questions around the current Indonesian made SLX and SL2 Pro series. Apart from differences in pickups and hardware (Duncan Designed vs USA Seymour Duncans, Floyd Special vs Floyd 1000 etc), how does the SLX compare to the higher priced SL2 Pro model in terms of body and neck wood quality?

    -Does the SL2 Pro use higher quality woods than the SLX? I’m aware that the SLX is basswood and most SL2’s are mahogany with a top.The SL2's also have ebony fretboards.However, some SL2 Pro's like the red crackle and rainbow crackle finish models that are made in China have basswood bodys. I wonder if these use the same grade basswood in the SLX.

    I am curious about the differences because I own a 2018 SLX Koa model with an ICJ serial number, so it was made in the Cort Indonesia factory. From what I’ve seen, most newer SL2 Pro’s have ISJ serial numbers, so they are made at the Samick Indonesia factory.

    -Is the Samick factory generally used for more high end models made in Indonesia? I remember reading somewhere that they also make LTD guitars for ESP. I could be wrong.

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    The differences are/were: SL2(Q): Mahogany body wings, ebony board with piranha inlays, satin finished neck, chrome hardware, real Duncans. SLX(DX): Poplar (previously basswood) body wings, Laurel (previously rosewood) board with sharkfin inlays, painted neck, black or gold hardware , Duncan Designed pickups or Jackson actives. Feel free to correct any mistakes I've made there.
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