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Jackson SL7P - Pro series soloist - Opinions?

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  • Jackson SL7P - Pro series soloist - Opinions?

    Hello community!
    Anybody owns a Northern Lights Jackson SL7P?
    I'm considering to buy one, but first I'd like to read some honest opinions and reviews about it, especially considering it's got a 25.5" scale and stock SD Distortions in it.
    I play death/thrash/prog/djent, both lead and rhythm, usually in standard tuning ebgdaeb, or drop A ebgdaeA. Thanks everyone!

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    Don't pay new price for it: you can buy used but higher quality (not india, indonesia, china) soloist for that price. Find a used one for $400 and you're good. It's a nice guitar. Floyd rose, seymour duncans, neck through, binding, ebony fretboard.. what else do you need?

    You won't have any issues unless it's one of the flops (buzzing fret, bad neck etc) Newew Asia imports seem to have flops, due to QC process and humidity/climate difference between the place of manufacture and yours, that Japanese imports rarely had.. I have bought and returned two Indonesia "pro" in the past 5 years.