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3 Knobs & Coil Split Dinky

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  • 3 Knobs & Coil Split Dinky

    Is this Modded?

    I didn't see anything like it in Mechayoshi Castle
    and none show up in a Search.

    Thank You For Any Education
    Image Screenshot-20210106-200309-Gallery in Jj119's images album

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    It's a Dinky DX10D FS and I have it under the X Series Dinky section. That third knob is the boost. I'm not sure or not if the switch is supposed to be there. Let me find the one catalog that has an image and report back.

    Edit: Yep, switch is stock. Found it in the 2002 catalog. Here's pic. I'll add to my website soon as well.
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      Hey Mechayoshi

      THANK YOU for your response!!

      I will now go back to the dungeon and go back through the listing and figure out where I pucked uf.

      I mentioned you so you would know your castle is being used.

      Thank You for putting it together. Great History and Educational Build!!