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Jackson Kelly Eerie Dess Swirl

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    I really enjoyed that video!

    What kind of wet wipes are you using? I like how you used wet wipes in combination with a toothbrush.

    In North America, Lysol disinfecting wipes are very common, but I find that they leave behind a greasy residue, so I don't use them for cleaning guitars.

    You are a native speaker of Italian and I noticed you pronounce your string brand as "Dee-Addario" which surprised me considering the Italian origin of the name D'Addario. Is that your normal pronunciation or are you "Anglicizing" your pronunciation for the English/American audience of your Youtube channel? All along I have been pronouncing it "Dah-darrio" like in the attached video below.

    The guitar cleaned up nicely! Great work!


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      in your video, you asked how they made the swirl....

      first, apply your under colors.
      easy enough

      here's where I wish i paid more attention:
      apply a top coat of something i forget
      while still wet, put a layer of something i forget, but something like saran wrap
      and then twist and lift the it off

      removing it smears the top coat, and the reason for twist is to give it that circular look

      so, yes, you were correct. each one is unique.

      *I found a youtube video (but it was so shitty that I am not posting it). He did the two steps in the opposite order.
      He painted the guitar black. Applied silver on top and did the swirl.
      THEN he added the colors. Trans colors, obviously.
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        I kinda want to keep an eye out on a cheap body so I can try this now. The top coat is the metalizer stuff I think


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          I've heard it being called "marblizer".


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            Oh, thank you very much for the informations and sorry for not having answered before! That's definitely a good way to make that kind of swirl!!!