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Gloss Black SLSMG Buying question (price)

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  • Gloss Black SLSMG Buying question (price)


    I've found a showroom SLSMG (Japan) in gloss black, and the store says it's in excellent condition, with Jackson hardcase. They are asking for 750€.
    I've bought this guitar for 900+100 € (with case) from Thomann 10 years ago.
    I'm not a collector, but a player. This guitar was super light, thin and a pleasure to play on. It would be my favorite "playing while chilling on the couch" Jackson, eventhough it oesn't have the classic headstock or the full size sharkfin displays. Not even floyd rose -too heavy for superlight, and not enough thickness to route for it)
    I've had offers for used (dented/scratched etc) matte versions between 450€ and 600€. So that seems to be the market.

    Is 750€ too much for a gloss, B-stock (showroom) instrument SLSMG? (Matte finish is impossible to repair in my experience. Removing scratches just makes it look like you had KFC with your hands and rubbed your hands all over the guitar)

    My alternatives are 450€ (Matte, heavily scratched) and 600€ (Matte, no dents or scratches, but some parts became shiny due to playing)

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    From the tone of your messages, I get the feeling that the SLSMG seems to be a desirable model to you. As an owner of a gloss black SLSMG that came in excellent condition and I enjoy playing it frequently, in my opinion, that price is high, possibly even for the European market. I would treat the market for gloss versions and matte versions the same, but ever since you reminded me that matte versions exist, I can understand why a gloss version is more desirable to you.

    If your desire for an SLSMG overwhelms all other factors (price and condition), then please don't let me stop you.


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      Just bought it! Thanks Priest

      It was on Reverb, I hope all goes well and the item is as described. A few hundred kilometers away from me so shipment should take a week at most.
      I might get the matte version later to put seymour duncans, or a different tuning. My alder jacksons weigh more than a child.
      I'll post a pic for NGD when it arrives.