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JS32 DKA-M: tried and tested tremolo upgrade anyone?

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  • JS32 DKA-M: tried and tested tremolo upgrade anyone?

    Hello to all...
    New here, but not to Jacksons, nor Floyd Rose...
    Yet, have been on a hardtail break for a few years and i want to find a useful cheaper guitar which has the routing for the real thing, so Floyd Rose Original, Gotoh or Schaller...and get back to try some new ideas, which implement the extension of my hand vibrato...

    I love the look of the model in the title, and 24 frets/maple is what i am after...

    Since i can easily get one for cheap, i need to know if anyone, tried and tested, as too many speculations floating around on the forums, to replace the term and which one is an instant, no mods/body routing, drop-in replacement?

    Huge thanks to any constructive input!

    ps: no, i am not going to "save money and go for used higher tier instrument" because guitars which come with True Quality FR bridge these days are quite pricey (as always actually), and i'd rather choose mediocre pickups+ plus putting in original Floyd rose, than good pickups and abused trem, even good one...
    (truth be told, sure, among many originals and Japanese edge/lo pro edge guitars, i had cheap ones which worked SETUP is 99 percent of the delivery... cheaper one usually just last less, due to lower quality materials...)

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    The Jackson JS Series guitars come with a trem that many JCFers suspect is a Floyd Rose Special with a Jackson logo on it. If this is true, any of Floyd Rose's products (such as the Original Floyd Rose) should replace it with zero modifications.

    The Floyd Rose Special is not a terrible product. Where it differs from the Original Floyd Rose or the 1000 Series Floyd Rose is zinc saddles (instead of steel) and zinc sustain block (instead of brass). I briefly owned a guitar with a Floyd Rose Special and had no problems with it. Like you said, the setup is the biggest contributing factor for tremolo operation and stability.