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  • Jackson Pro Fusion or Stealth


    Id love to know a little more about this guitar if possible. I acquired this Jackson guitar in around 1992 and the serial number (911791) shows its from 1991. Its just been sat gathering dust from that point to now never having been played. A search on the serial number shows that its a Fusion model, but id always been told it was a Stealth model. I think its a high end version of whichever model it is due to...
    • Ebony fredboard.
    • Mother of Pearl "Jackson" on the headstock.
    • Reflex pickups.
    I once saw a set of Reflex pickups going for $350 on Ebay so they must be pretty good. Would they have been on the guitar originally? Im confused as all the top quality versions of the Fusion all seem to have those triangular fret markers rather than mine which has the offset dots (which I love by the way).

    Id love to know what color this blue would be too. Also, is this guitar worth anything?


    Any help would be brilliant, thanks.


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    That's in great shape. It's a Stealth Pro. It's the only Stealth that had the JT590 tremolo and ebony fretboard. Below is a page with more info. Jackson pickups would have been stock, but I don't know anything about Reflex pickups.


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      Wow, thank you for the information, its very much appreciated. Would these be rare or worth much? I have sentimental attachment to it so dont think I will be selling, im just interested. Some guy tried to offer me 90 bucks for it once?!?


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        Nice Stealth. I believe those Reflex pickups are not original to that guitar. Anyway, most people hate those pickups and think they suck (at least the reviews from people on here through the years that have had them).

        And the color would be either Deep or Dark Metallic Blue, forget exactly what they called it.
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          Maybe they put them on the early stealths. I have seen reflexes on RR pros and i think i saw ones on stealth pro aswell not sure. Also i still have a set of HSS reflexes that i had on a Dinky LT so i wouldnt be surprised if they put them on more models.

          That 90 dollars is very low offer. I wouldnt sell this model for under 500 dollars.

          I knew i saw it on somewhere:

          Someone was saying on this forum that they put reflexes on some models that went to europe which would explain it.
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            Thank you everyone