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Charvel 475 Binding Material

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  • Charvel 475 Binding Material

    does anyone have any info on what the binding material is on the 475 deluxe model? i have a bit of binding that's started to peel around the 1st fret and need to figure out if i need to use CA glue or something else. it's not bad, just starting to separate. I'd like to fix it asap before it gets worse.

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    Not sure the material, but I have used regular wood glue to secure loose binding in the past. carefully open up a gap between the binding and the wood, get some glue in there with a tooth pic or some thing small, push it back together wipe of the excess glue, put a couple of rubber bands around it to hold it in place until the glue has time to dry. fixing the laquer where this happened is another thing.