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Looking to buy this Jackson guitar

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  • Looking to buy this Jackson guitar

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some info on this guitar, and if it is worth the price he is asking.Thanks.

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    Jackson Fusion Pro
    First nineties
    Ebony fingerboard
    24,75" scale
    Active mid tone circuit

    Seems all original and in very good conditions, but in my opinion the price is really too high
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      Originally posted by Luca1973 View Post
      but in my opinion the price is really too high
      unless you are in a foreign country where;
      1. those dollar amounts are not the same as your dollar amounts.
      2. those models are far rarer than they are another country.


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        Yeah, it looks like it's in Canada? I think by default it's going to be about double what you'd pay in the states, so...
        In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil


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          He's asking 1350 Canadian Dollars

          At the moment, the change is

          1350 CAD = 965 US Dollars = 885 Euro

          I think it's high for a 30 years old Japanese, even if in your country it's a rare model and in near mint conditions.
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            ok, so you did the "exchange rate", which is fine for something like an iPhone which has shipped 2 billion units all across the globe.


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              Thanks for the info on the guitar. I ended up passing on it. Yep its in Canada, its on kijiji right now.