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  • NGD - Bitter sweet....

    I haven't purchased a guitar in a long time. Last one was about 7 years ago. Started really playing again and came across the new rainbow crackle. It's completely ridiculous and had to have one. Arrived yesterday. The paint work is excellent and stunning.

    It felt great to play and was really enjoying it but something felt off on the high E string near the 24th fret. Turns out the strings aren't straight with the fretboard. The high E is so close to the end your fingers don't feel like they are on the fretboard.

    I haven't determined if it's the neck or the bridge that is messed up but I'm not sure it really matters at this point
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    Can't see your photos. You need to upload them to an external image hosting service (examples: and then copy-paste the generated links back her on JCF.

    View the video below to correct your neck alignment. It's an easy fix. I used to be afraid of how to do it, but this video eliminate that fear completely. Best of luck!


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      Thanks. They showed for me because it's through dropbox and apparently dropbox made a change where you can't view them unless logged in. I uploaded them to another site so hopefully they show now.

      Unfortunately, the guitar is a neck through so it's screwed.

      All of my other guitars are bolt on and I haven't run into this issue. I have a 97 USA and a 95 or 96 Professional that are still good. It sucks because I wouldn't have a problem doing this (for a bunch of money off the guitar of course) as I have filled holes in necks and drilled new holes to fit them on different bodies correctly.

      Here are the direct links to the images in case they still don't show for whatever reason:
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        yeah that level of misalignment seems unacceptable for a new neck-thru instrument and i would hope the dealer would fix or replace the instrument.


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          I can't see it. Does the nut just have the high E totally miss-aligned?


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            Originally posted by axmann View Post
            I can't see it. Does the nut just have the high E totally miss-aligned?
            It's this image here:

            The high E is close to the bottom of the fretboard, where the low E is further from the top. The nut is fine so the alignment near the headstock is fine. It just gets slightly more off the further down the fretboard you go, with the 24th fret being the worst.


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              Now I can see the photos. Neckthru... darn. Are you able to exchange the guitar for a new one? Are you able to inspect/play a new one before you buy it?


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                Man I have been wanting one of these as well. So whats the latest? Are you able to return/exchange it?


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                  Maybe the bridge 2 mounting pivot pin holes are slightly out of place.... you might be able to get them pulled. Have the holes filled with a maple dowel, and redrilled. That.s what I`d try... if the neck was straight, the trussrod works, and there is no neck twist. I`d say just by looking at the last pic there, bridge pivot pin position is slightly out.... too far towards your volume/tone pots. Both pins need to be at a guess ... prolly a 1/16th the other way.... to center your strings.

                  A quicky check to confirm this, is to unlock the nut...... loosen strings until you can pull the bridge back far enough to be able to move bridge slightly. Then move it sideways a bit till you see the strings are equal in fretboard positioning. Ie, centered. You might need to put something under back of bridge because of the spring pull.
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