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Need help identifying somewhere between' 90-96' Stealth Professional TH/TH1 MIJ

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  • Need help identifying somewhere between' 90-96' Stealth Professional TH/TH1 MIJ

    I just picked up what I believe is a somewhere between '90-96 Professional Series Stealth TH/TH1. HSH pickup configuration with 5 way blade selector. Tone and volume knobs are chrome. Floyd Rose licensed bridge that is chrome with black fine tuner knobs. 22 frets with the dot inlays along top of frets. Dark brown fretboard--says "professional" on headstock. Serial number is 6 digits: 602648. Truss rod cover is blank. Body is a glossy (not satin) black. The pickups are unbranded on the outside--I have not had back cover off yet. Looks alot like a TH1 I found in a '97 catalog. I am suspecting '96 MIJ but my research has proven that was a weird serial number year. Looks like this one :

    Alot like page 13 of this catalog:
    but it is a shiny/glossy black like the one in the Reverb ad.
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    Link above
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      Should be the TH1. '96 serial.
      96xxxxx, 97xxxxx and 98xxxxx serials oftentimes don't indicate '96, '97 and '98.


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        Thanks for some confirmation. The trem has had one saddle replaced by a previous owner--does anyone have any experience in replacing the JT 580 with an original Floyd or even a less expensive FR Special or is it better to scour the internet looking for parts? I am hoping it's a Takeuchi. I know at the end of the day we all have to decide how much a guitar is worth to us as far as upgrades and mods but these seem rare-ish. I am not assuming rare=fantastic but I got this one paired with a '16 JS32 Dinky for $375 so I figure there is some room before I am just throwing money away to fix up the TH1.