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Ayuda para identificar mi primer jackson

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  • Ayuda para identificar mi primer jackson

    Hola.necesito ayuda para identificar mi primer jackson .segun me dijo la persona que me vendio dijo que era un dx10.era su segundo dueñ adquiri en mal estado y quisiera restaurarla.monta seymor duncan HH. Y pala reversa.desconosco año y origen.el numero de serie es de 7 digitos alguien me puede ayudar muchas gracias

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    Does it look like the first or the second guitar below?



    If you are comfortable disassembling guitars, remove the neck from the body and search for the date stamps on the neck heel and neck pocket.



    ¿Se ve como la primera o la segunda guitarra de abajo?



    Si se siente cómodo al desmontar guitarras, retire el cuello del cuerpo y busque los sellos de fecha en el cuello del talón y en el bolsillo del cuello.


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      Hola se ve como la foto de DX10D..algo estoy haciendo mal ya que intente subir fotos y no pude.el serial number indica algo?
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        To share photos here, you need to upload your photos to a third-party, external image host. Choose any free host from the following list:

        I prefer

        Upload your photos to the host, then copy and paste the generated links here in your next reply.

        The serial number in that format indicates Japanese manufacture. Unfortunately it is not a direct indication of the date of manufacture.


        Para compartir fotos aquí, necesita subir sus fotos a un host de imagen externo de terceros. Elija cualquier host gratuito de la siguiente lista:


        Suba sus fotos al host, luego copie y pegue los enlaces generados aquí en su próxima respuesta.

        El número de serie en ese formato indica fabricación japonesa. Desafortunadamente no es una indicación directa de la fecha de fabricación.


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            Hi,sorry for reopen a closed topic, But I'd bought a body jackson and all components,and I will ask to a factory make another neck, But i'm confuse if is a jackson DX10 or a DX10D........


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              Originally posted by kikunha View Post
              Hi,sorry for reopen a closed topic, But I'd bought a body jackson and all components,and I will ask to a factory make another neck, But i'm confuse if is a jackson DX10 or a DX10D........
              They're the exact same body. Just one neck has dot inlays and the other has reverse sharkfins. Do you have a neck for it?

              And what is going on with three extra screws and that middle spring?!?
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                No, the neck is broken, and when this guitar arrived, the seller puts the neckplate with this springs


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                  Instead of asking a factory to make you another neck, just buy any almost any other 24-fret Jackson neck. It would be cheaper and faster, and it would still be a "real Jackson" rather than having a third party manufacturer make you a Jackson-compatible neck.

                  The most foolproof necks to target would be from 24-fret Japanese-made bolt-neck models that have locking nuts from about 1996 up to 2011. This years comprise Japanese mass-manufacture and these models are quite common. A non-exhaustive list of examples include DK2, DK2FS, DK2S, DKMG, DXMG, DR3, DX10, DX10D, KE3, KE3R, KE4, WRXT, WRMG, KVX10, KV3. If you're daring and/or lucky, include the Japanese bolt-neck models from 1990-1995, such as the Dinky XL. Heck, even a USA DK1 neck should work if it's the 24-fret version (the earliest DK1s were 22-fret variants), if you can find one, but don't expect that to be as common or inexpensive as the list of import necks I listed a few sentences ago.

                  Below is an example. It's a DK2 neck, it's "period correct" and "country-of-origin correct". Search eBay or Reverb for more.


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