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Socal or SDX?

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  • Socal or SDX?

    Recently traded my white SoCal for a warren Demartini snakeskin but I miss the SoCal. Deal was lopsided in my favor and had to do it. Considering an SDX instead of getting another SoCal. Thoughts?

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    I have an SDX and love it, but i've had to do a few things to bring it up to proper play ability. I've never played a SoCal yet, but my friend just got a Pro Mod and absolutely loves it. But, if you can get an SDX for a reasonable price and do a few upgrades yourself, that might offset the price difference. The biggest issue was not enough sustain. I swapped the FRS for an OFR and that made a world of difference. The stock pickups aren't bad at all, but i swapped mine anyway, Dimarzio SD in the bridge and Fender SCN in the middle and neck.


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      I think I'll stick with what I know. My last SoCal was pretty good out of the box. Just some minor tweaking. Wish they still had the specific ocean color


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        I have both the SDX and in fact a Specific Ocean SoCal.

        The SDX is probably 80%+ a SoCal feeling wise, not counting Hardware and Pickups. But I prefer the SoCal. Maybe if I remove the Neck finish on my SDX the touch feeling will resemble more the Charvel, but I havent done it yet.

        The SDX also has rolled fret ends like the SoCal, but not as perfect. SDX is heavier than the SoCal.

        If you are buying the SDX and then want to replace the Hardware and Pickups, it will cost you probably the same or more than getting a SoCal in the first place. I already upgraded the FR Special to a FR 1000 that i managed to get Brand New from a guy that wanted to replace his Charvels FR 1000s with the ORF, and replaced the pickups on it as well. The Humbucker on the SDX is not bad and in fact it sounded better than the Dimarzio Super Distortion, it now has a Duncan Distortion. The Singles are total shit though.


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          This may be a dumb question, I don't own a SoCal, but aren't those dinky-sized?
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            No, the So Cal is a Strat body.