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Yayy!! I Was Finally Able To Order An Original FR For My Model 2!!

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  • Yayy!! I Was Finally Able To Order An Original FR For My Model 2!!

    Seems like the German-made Floyd Rose trems have been scarce, lately. At least from MF and GC (I dig their points programs ). I've been checking daily for a black Floyd to be available for order (Original or 1984 LTD), and today was the day. I also ordered a Fat Brass 42mm block directly from Floyd's own website, and have a set of saddle shims waiting in the wings. Looks like my Model 2 is getting an upgrade next week.

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    Cool deal and congratulations! I put OFR's on both my Model 2's years ago. If I keep the Model 4 it will probably get an OFR down the road too.


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      Thanks, Razor! I put one on the Model 4 in my avatar, but for some reason,the high E-string became a cliff hanger. No such problem with the Model 6 it eventually went on, and the original JT-6 spaced out perfectly. Also, I'm aware of the narrow spacing of the JT-6 compare to the Floyd..

      I'm like you, though. Might cut the Model 4 loose, anyways.


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        Cool, I love the model series. I've used the jap gotoh Floyd's as upgrades on a few of mine. I like them.


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          Unforeseen88, I might try one of those Gotohs out someday.

          As a follow up, the Floyd went on my Model 2 flawlessly. Funny thing is, I had already scoured the internet for a JT-6 bridgeplate with flawless knife-edges, replaced the trem arm bushings, and then put one of these bad boys on it. As a result, I built a killer JT-6 that worked perfectly. It was so amazing, I had to put on said Floyd, and stash back the Jackson trem to preserve it. I mean, they don't make them anymore.

          In closing, it seems Floyds are still tough to find. Since I started this thread, I bought a reissue HM Strat, and it took a while to find another one to replace the FR Special. I went gold, partially due to availability, and partially because I like gold on black. Getting it settled in was an adventure of it's own, but the end result is awesome.

          Anyways, thanks for reading.