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Anyone have a schematic for a 3DR?

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  • Anyone have a schematic for a 3DR?

    I pulled all the wiring everything, labeled it pretty good so it can go back in some day but curious if anyone has an RD schematic so i can compare it and have it with the guitar inthe case for future reference. I'll keep all that with the guitar.. new wiring will be a little diffrent, just different pickups activated then a push/pull series pot installed.. monster pups..

    be nice to have that origional wiring diagram thanks, could paypal 10 bucks or so for it..

    TY, Dee

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    k man I decided I am going to trace out the wiring and draw upa schematic, boht for historical purposes and the case someone may need it, it is a comlicated but of wiring and whoever dunnit was very skilled and had someo small fingers, they use like 42AWG for the most all green save what came off the pups and ehite to the pot, the output off the supoersiwtch, everything else is dark green but very well done.. they must have had a fine tipo solder which I dont have I cannot find my tips or anything.. so off to get me a good solder station done with all this jake soldering anymore..

    so where should I upload the schematic once I trace it out? I'll use a ruler and color so it looks pro, use the same coding they used on the 3DR, close as I can get, I have olive green will work, silver will be white liek they do at GCE, maybe I should email it to them and to Duncan..

    I have searched high and low and cannot find anyting even close, hale I cannot even get a pic of the cavity wired up, so messy no way you could make sense of it but a giy may be able to tell where a rogue wire goes?

    I do have one issue and that is I am confindent the green wire off the humbucker was floating, as well as the sheilded ground... it worked perfect and sounded great so i am sure they wre not soldered to anything, I jsut found it odd they did not shrink wrap or tape it off? it may have been and an owner discarded it? hard to tell so if someone has one I would aprriciate a verification of the green and bare ground coming off the humbucker.. TY


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      Hopefully this helps. Throwing extra's out there in case anyone else needs them.


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        J-90C specs


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          its the HS singel volume with superswitch.. Thanks tho!