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  • My Charvel colors

    I have spoken a few times as to the odd shades of the MIM Charvel guitars.
    It is very disappointing that I can't capture the colors of these 2 guitars. The photos don't really do them justice.
    But, none the less, here are some comparison pictures I took last night.

    One is Rocket Red, and one is Neon Pink.

    **I was going to post the photos here. but I guess I don't know how to resize linked files, and it would just be rude to show so many huge images.
    so have a link instead:

    Plus, the captions at the link explain what we are looking at.

    Since they are so similar, I have one tuned to E and one to Eb.

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    I like that Rocket Red.

    So as not to leave you living in confusion, you can go ahead and send me the Rocket Red one.


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      I have a neon pink So Cal and I've tried to take pics of that color but no luck. Love the color but can't figure out how to photograph it to show it off.


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        Originally posted by pianoguyy View Post
        don't know how to resize linked files,

        You can copy the image address, paste the image and then on the right hand bottom a black square will appear if you mouse over that area and an angled double arrow will appear for you to drag the photo to a smaller size.

        As so:


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          Natural light in the shade is the best way to photograph something and get the most of it's true color. Something I learnt from the gun guys when posting pictures of guns on those forums.

          With that said I can tell the pink one from the rocket red in the pictures. It's wild how different lighting will affect different colors.

          I totally dig the pink one. Very nice pair there.