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Need help identifying a Charvel import

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  • Need help identifying a Charvel import

    Hey !
    Ii've been trying to pinpoint the exact model of a guitar for a few years now, to no avail. I recently stumbled upon this forum and thought some folks there might be able to help me.
    Here are some specs : the pickup configuation is HSH, with a 5-way pickup switch, a volume knob and a tone knob. It also features a pickguard. The neck is bolt-on, the serial number is 230616. Both logos on the serial plate and headstock are TM. The tremolo is a Kahler. Linked below are a few pictures of the guitar :

    Full view :

    Serial plate :

    Bridge :

    Headstock :

    Back of the headstock :

    Bridge pickup :

    Knobs :

    Hope someone will have an idea what model this is
    Thanks in advance

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    You can use this to narrow it down: look for HSH pickup configurations. Maybe a CX391 with a replaced neck? I am not sure but I hope this helps a little. Maybe it was refinished at some point too?

    I found this:

    Neck is wrong though.
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      Thanks for your answer
      For the CX391 option, the tremolo would be wrong sadly
      Now the ebay link is very interesting, same pickups, same body, same pickguards...


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        1986 Charvel Model 3 or Model 3A with a swapped pickguard and swapped knobs. 1986 was the only year any variant of the Model 3 had pickguards and that Kahler trem, making them very easy to identify.

        If it's a Model 3, it would originally have had HSS pickups. If it's a Model 3A, it would originally have had HH pickups. The fact that your guitar has HSH pickups means either the neck humbucker was added, or the middle single coil was added, with a corresponding HSH pickguard.


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          Given the distance between the neck and bridge pickups, and their look, I think this is a model 3 with a H neck pickup and a pickguard
          Thanks a ton for your help !


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            86' Model 3 is my guess. behind nut lock missing. different pick guard and knobs, screws in neck pickup do not match the other mounting screws and neck pickup pole pieces look more shinny.


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              1986 Charvel Model 3A. The "TM" above the Charvel logo is the main giveaway. The first batch of Charvels had the TM. That coupled with the Kahler trem. Clearly someone modded it and changed the pickguard. Nice guitar!


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                Originally posted by paranoid View Post
                screws in neck pickup do not match the other mounting screws and neck pickup pole pieces look more shinny.
                Good catch !