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Dating a charvel

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  • Dating a charvel

    I'm just curious if anybody knows how to date a Charvel? I've looked around and cannot find any information on dating a more recently made guitar.. thanks!

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    I hear that to date a Charvel, you should buy flowers and candy, and be punctual and well-groomed.

    Post the serial number and photos of the guitar. Seeing what the guitar looks like will identify the model, which will have a range of production years that can be narrowed down. Knowing the serial number will help in most cases when supplemented with the photos of the guitar. At this point nobody has the faintest clue what you have, other than the fact that you have "a Charvel" and that it's more recently made. If I had to take a wild guess, I'd predict that your guitar is a Mexican-made Charvel Pro-Mod of some sort.

    To post pics, choose any free image host (, upload your photos there, and then copy-paste the generated links back here in your next reply. I prefer as my image host, but virtually all hosts offer equivalent functionality and ease of use. Just pick one that you like.

    Good luck, and looking forward to helping you identify your guitar.


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      Excellent! I will thanks!!