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Charvel ID based on physical traits

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  • Charvel ID based on physical traits

    Hey guys, I don't have a pic I can post at this moment but I'll try to get one.
    meantime I'll post the details if someone can help me as I'm really interested in getting this guitar if it is a Japanese import.

    black strat body, HSS, no pickgaurd, maple fretboard, 22fret, 1 volume, 1 tone, blade selector switch, black dot inlays, pointy head stock non reverse black face plate.

    Picture is hard to make out but it looks like a vintage trem, I can't see any posts and it doesn't look like any of the fulcrum style bridges at all.

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    Those specs match a Charvel Model 1C. Mine is below. Does it look like that? (My bridge pickup is aftermarket; stock humbucker is a Jackson J90C.)

    I paid CAD$250 for mine. If it's under CAD$300, get it.


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      Identical to that! Color and all.
      except the trem looked chrome? Is that normal?
      He's asking 300$ obo and I'm dying to get my hands on it.


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        Definitely try to get it below $300! And if not, still a great guitar for the price.

        Chrome would suggest replacement or aftermarket trem, or less likely, possibly the original finish might be worn off. Original trem should be black, and is made by Gotoh, though I don't know the precise model number. A quick search on Google suggests it's the Gotoh 1055, but I'm seeing different styles of saddles across several variants. The below image is the correct stock black trem with the style of saddles correct for the era.

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          Perfect! Thanks priest!
          definitely gonna start trying to make a deal for this guitar.
          I'm pretty excited to see an mij charvel that someone doesnt want 900$ for in my area.


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            Haha I'm excited for you because I can't imagine much being available in your area in the first place!

            I searched on our usual nationwide classifieds website and didn't find it, so I'm hoping you found it via a less popular medium which would reduce the chances of other people having seen it, and thus greatly increase YOUR chances of getting it.


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              Its on FB locally so it might not get as much attention as say kijiji.
              he's located about an hour away so it's worth it for me to go get it if I can find the time.

              I messaged him earlier though and no response still u fortunately.