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CAD$549 (USD$433) for Japanese Pro-Mod San Dimas Wildcard #4 (no case)? Yay or nay?

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    I figured you would know, even if I didn't name names. If you see a $349 "ESP Custom" hanging in the store, I'm the one who had to suggest to them to label their hang tag correctly as an LTD because the guitar was an LTD with a fake ESP headstock veneer! It was like they didn't care that the hang tag was misrepresented until I spoke up.

    They do a good job keeping their website inventory updated but there are no cases listed, which is why I was oblivious to the fact that they even stocked cases. Getting the Wild Card #4 and then the $40 case would have been a good buy if only I had known they had a decent inexpensive case available.

    Did you go to the Guitar Market this past weekend? Get anything good?
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