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My Charvel 375

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  • My Charvel 375

    Here is my Charvel 375 Deluxe!

    I've swapped the pickups/electronics out and put in a bigger brass block on the trem. It's got a Hot Rails in the neck and 59' trembucker.

    Any know if this case is original? It came with the guitar when i got it and I've not seen many of them, usually see the chainsaw cases with guitars from this period.

    Let me know what you think!


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    No I do not Believe that to be the original case. That case was what they import Charvels came in in 86'. 87' on should have been the chain saw case. not saying this to be fact, but kinda the rule of thumb. If you would like to have an original chain saw case I would gladly trade ya! looks good what could be seen in the video, but the knobs are not original. looks like the nut lock blocks are turned 90 degrease from how they should be. looks like a trem saddle has also been changed?