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1987 model 6

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  • 1987 model 6

    I need help finding the locking nut for this guitar,
    or what locking nut would fit. I bought one and the
    screw holes are off a bit.Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't know the answer.
    But, the people who do know will probably ask if you have a Kahler or Jt-6.
    So here is you chance to tell them before they ask.


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      The 87 model 6 should have the jt-6 and that should use the Jackson behind the nut lock that is very much like the Kahler behind the nut lock. also should have a plastic shim under it.


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        SHOULD being the key word.
        I have a 1987 with a Kahler. Also has the J-80BC and serial on the headstock under the clear coat. Everything about it screams 86.
        So, I would think that it would be an 86 model year, even though it was built in 87.
        That's why I asked.
        If it was 86, we know it what it had. If it was 88, we know what it had. But the 87 didn't change over right on January 1st.