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Another NGD - Unicorn Sparkle Sully Raven

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  • Another NGD - Unicorn Sparkle Sully Raven

    I picked up a Unicorn Sparkle Sully Raven a few days ago from a fellow Sully Conspiracy Series Facebook page member and I'm stoked! I've been wanting a Raven since I saw Sully post the Conspiracy series run 2 Raven's here on the JCF forum back in 2018.

    I had gotten away from playing before then and at the time I had sold most of my guitars as I had focused on other things. A Raven had always been in the back of my head since then though and over the past few months I've picked up the guitar and started playing again so that really got me looking for one.

    The Raven feels very good in hand and honestly meets every expectation that I had in my head. It does have what feels like a wider thinner neck than my Model series but not too thin. I like that it has a little more meat on the back of the neck than any of the Jackson's I've owned. It's also nicely balanced for a bigger heavier guitar and I do like heft and feel of it. The fretwork is very well done and I am totally digging the ebony board. I'm enjoying the pickups and like their sound and tone too.

    I've never been one to be able to hit a pinch harmonic consistently in the past but with this one they come effortlessly. I have to say I'm very impressed with it. Now I can wear my Sully Guitars tee shirts without feeling like a fucking poser for not actually owning one.

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    Congrats! That's really nice. I just saw that on FB and commented. I need a Sully one day.
    I feel my soul go cold... only the dead are smiling.


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      Ah you're the one who got that! Awesome! I'm feeling a little bit of regret for ordering the Concorde instead of one of the Ravens since I'm kind of moving away form pointies. That piece of wood is a beauty! congrats!
      In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil


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        Originally posted by Razor View Post
        Now I can wear my Sully Guitars tee shirts without feeling like a fucking poser for not actually owning one.
        I thought I was the only one who thought that way! lol!
        "I feel like the kid with the Harley Tshirt and no bike"

        Congrats on the Raven!

        Any way you could possibly put more shit into your sig?