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  • BC Rich Mk series

    So being in the UK, if I want one of the newer BC Riches, I'm most likely going to be buying sight unseen. The Mk 11 is really holding my interest.

    Main question is, does anyone have one of the new BC Rich guitars, regardless of which mark? If so, thoughts?

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    These are in the 900 - 1300 USD range. I would believe they are pretty good stuff if they can command this sort of price. However, if you have this to spend then the market is your oyster. You can snag USA made guitars or high end Japanese made for this price. I always consider value when buying new guitars; will it retain its value and if not would I be better off buying a used guitar whos value is not declining. A great guitar is a great guitar though.


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      I remember snagging my MiK Warlock Deluxe for $800 a few years back
      But these I believe are MIC, which doesn't really sound logical when looking at the price, unless they're really top notch craftsmenship (like my Deluxe was)
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        I'd run from anything from the new Praxis BC Rich import line, not only way overpriced MIC axes, but the several people who have bought MK11's have not been happy with them. It's really a shame what Brian X. Martin has done with the BC Rich import line since having the reins handed-over to shitfest over there right now.


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          no idea which ones but if you can find one made by world products? korea they were very nice. i heard the NJ retros were pretty good too...but i know very little about their imports. id say find an old neck thru NJ, they were great but are getting hard to find.


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            Yeah it doesn't look good for the BC Import line. Try to find used USA if you can or even the older MIJ/MIK stuff.