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    Lepard, your collection is not any less impressive than the first time I saw it. I think it's time you stored those cases in the basement and install 2 of these around the entire room. Link

    I just looked back at the room your collection was in... never mind.
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      I'm at about 180 right now and no basement


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        Originally posted by lepard View Post
        I'm at about 180 right now and no basement
        :dunno: damn...
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          Originally posted by ykrop4ik View Post
          Talking about selling the collection, I think jcfonline is the most decent price you get. Here on the forum you won't meet dickheads from craiglist, everybody knows the price of the good guitar here, so u wont get stupid questions.
          This place is pretty bad for selling gear. Most members here don't really even bother with it.

          Originally posted by lepard View Post
          I'm at about 180 right now and no basement
          Holy shit. Need a live in guitar tech to keep everything oiled, stringed and in tune? I don't eat much and you can pay me with medical insurance.
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            Originally posted by ykrop4ik View Post
            Lepard, you are the example for plenty people in a way that having 5-10-15 guitars is not an obsession. I can always show picture of your collection to my family saying that 7 is still ok ))
            Bravo, Lepard.
            The correct amount is 1 more than you currently own.
            Any way you could possibly put more shit into your sig?


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              holy shit balls lepard thats insane


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                the single cuts

                family photo

                yeah it was me, you got a problem with that?


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                  Lepard, that's seriously impressive. I think the next time I'm looking for a new guitar, I'll send you a pm to see if you have one for sale.


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                    Originally posted by Axewielder View Post
                    Badass! I can't recall if I've seen it before. Do you still have it?
                    yep...I dont post em if I dont got em


                    • Originally posted by ykrop4ik View Post
                      Limited '91
                      Action Jackson


                      • Took a crappy picture of my collection today (potato quality ) This is the most guitars i have ever owned at one time and i think i will have to thin the heard soon...a new time consumer is coming in around 3 months time.

                        From left upper corner onward...

                        Jackson Js32 King V
                        Jackson Js30 King V with Bc Rich neck
                        Washburn V200 Pro-E
                        Bc Rich Warlock Platinum
                        Axl Les Paul Icon 11
                        Jackson RR3
                        Slammer Explorer
                        Epiphone Blackbird
                        Jackson Kelly Std
                        Jackson Ps-4
                        Jim Harley Strat
                        2x Epiphone Sg G400
                        Ltd Eclipse 1000 Deluxe
                        Ltd M 50
                        Ltd Sc 600
                        Yamaha Aes 800
                        Yamaha Rgx 421 D
                        Ibanez Sdgr 800
                        Ibanez Sdgr 710
                        Ibanez Atk 400
                        Ibanez Grg 170 DX
                        Ibanez GRGR 121 EX


                        • Thanks for digging up this thread. Now that the Photobucket links are broken, I need to view it on my home computer where I have Add-Ons installed on my Firefox browser to allow me to view the Photobucket images.

                          This thread comes with great timing because I recently finished photo-cataloging all my guitars on my new Imgur page: I also did inventory on every guitar I've ever owned, and of the 28 guitars I've ever owned, I have images of 24 of them, which are seen in that Imgur link. I have no idea why I can't find any pictures of my first four guitars.

                          I currently own 12 guitars which is already excessive because I live in a condo without much room. Here they are in alphabetical order:

                          1988 Charvel Model 1C (Black):

                          2011 Charvel So-Cal (Candy Red):

                          2009 Charvel So-Cal (Polar White):

                          1990 ESP Mirage Custom (Black):

                          1999 ESP/Edwards E-LP-90LTC '68 Les Paul Custom (Black)

                          1998 Ibanez RG550 (Desert Yellow):

                          2000 Ibanez RG570 (Gray Nickel):

                          1998 Ibanez RG570 (Iron Pewter):

                          2009 Jackson KE3 (Black):

                          1998 Jackson SHS1 Shannon Soloist (Black):

                          2012 Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1 P Hell's Gate (Satin Black):

                          Yamaha FG700MS (Natural):


                          • Originally posted by paranoid View Post
                            the playable guitars at my house

                            OK, these photos take the cake. Guitars on the CEILING of all places!


                            • Love that ESP mirage - don't see many 2 hums!
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                              Rare is not the same as valuable
                              Worth is what someone will pay, not what you want to get


                              • That Mirage is awesome, and so is the Edwards LP.
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