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What is it about guitars that we lust after and chase , join in and get deep !!!!

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  • What is it about guitars that we lust after and chase , join in and get deep !!!!

    Ive played hockey and golf my whole life , ive never lusted after and carressed a hockey stick or 3 wood ..ive never had a room full of tennis rackets or baseball mits and gawked at them , heck i even have a 1000 dollar fly fishing rod that i just use and put away when im done , never once sat with it and just looked at it ....BUT with guitars its different ...i LOVE them and have a deep bond with my favorites ...please chime in and express what you think it is that we love about guitars

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    I did get into tennis rackets at some point and had more than I needed.

    With guitars, there's a lot more to look at, we are in contact with guitars more--two-handed intricate work. A lot for me is tinkering with them. You've got wood, hardware, electronics. There's the setup, upgrades, polishing frets, restrings, just a lot to do. Getting a new guitar, setting it up the way I like it, and getting it to sound how I like it, that's where it's at for me.


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      Also they dont lose their value that much. Some even icrease in value.


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        I think its the craftsmanship, engineering, and beauty. Similar to collector cars. There are many guitarists who collect guitars and likewise cool cars.
        I have 6 guitars hanging on a wall but only one Chevelle in my garage.
        I wish I could afford more of both!


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            because guitars are like pussy, we always crave more lol
            don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining