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Charvel CS Tommy 1 3/4 Neck

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  • Charvel CS Tommy 1 3/4 Neck

    I’m trying to figure out if I would like the Music Zoo Tommy (Pre Pro) neck shape. The thing that concerns me is the 1 3/4 nut width, but in my experience what makes a good neck is the sum of all the parts and not just one aspect.

    Unfortunately, I can’t try them out so have to try and figure out on here whether I might like it.

    For reference, I generally like all the Fender C shapes from CS 60s, 65C, modern C etc. I tend to like the thinner fender necks the best though. My favourite neck ever is the Charvel Guthrie Govan neck - it flatter than the fender C shape but not as flat as the standard Charvel CS San dimas neckshape. I have a Charvel CS with the San Dimas speed neck, and find it too flat and wide.

    I also prefer a wider nut, and like the 1 11/16 (1.6875”) widths nuts as I find 1.65” too cramped at the nut end. I can play either, but prefer the 1.6875.

    I have been advised by a few people that if I like the fender necks, then the MZ Tommy profile will fit me better. I have also been told that in order the San Dimas Speed neck is thinnest, flattest and widest with the most shoulder, then the Guthrie Govan neck, then the Tommy neck which has less shoulders and is almost a mild V shape near the nut end, and then the fender necks.

    My feeling with necks is that the back shape probably has at least as big an influence as the nut, maybe even more, on how people perceive a neck.

    When you do the maths a 1.75” neck (44.45mm), is just 1.56mm wider than a 1.6875 (42.86mm) width nut. Also there is just about 1mm difference between 1.65 and 1.6875.

    Most people who have tried this neck absolutely love it. The few that haven’t liked it have stated it was to do with how close the strings were to the edge of the fretboard when using a R6 width locking nut. Any guitar I get will have the brass V trem and bone nut, so it would be possible to recut the nut if the nut string spacing was too wide.

    Consodering the above, it would be good to hear some opinions on how you think I would get on with this neck, and whether the 1 3/4 width nut is something to worry about.

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    my main charvel for years was a 1 3/4" width with an r5 nut...but mine was a wide flat profile...i loved it...didn't know they made an r6 nut...d.m.


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      one thing to note is that if the fingerboard edges are heavily rolled (are they on these models?) the neck will feel significantly narrower than it actually is. this effect is present on my usa pro-mod. the neck is over 1.7" wide in total, but the actual nut width is smaller and the rolled edges actually make the neck feel fairly narrow, which I like.


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        diablomozart I may have got it wrong, and it may be an R5 nut is the widest.


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          metalhobo yes, the fingerboard edges are heavily rolled.


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            The R5 nut is the widest made by Floyd Rose for 6 steings. It is also the tallest and has the widest string spacing.