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    Howdy Ya'll, newb on the block..

    from Seattle, in the southwest, snowbird type deal, retired early due to injury, cannot do much anymore, barely play for more than 15 minutes at a time, sadly so I am gravitating towards light guitars these days.. disabilities suck and really can work on ya.. big time.. so I end up tinkering with guitars and amps these days, playing when I can.. I have several tube amps, no real good or expensive models, mostly Chinese, nice reliable Bugera V22.. have a Bugera 50 head needs a lil work.. then a Johnson M250 with a full stack, MONSTER! an old Fender Jr in good shape I want to mod.. a couple Chinese Monoprice that are surprisingly good for the money, a 5 watt and 15.. Fender Vaporizer been real good and reliable, a Guitar Research T64RS Tube half stack.. a vintage 18 watt Alampo amp madein Texas in like the early 60's and a 3-4 smaller practice amps, solid state.. bou tit for amps.. nothing fancy but works,

    then I have a few digitech rack effects, a midiverb, an 11 rack so on so forth.. coupe pedals nothing much there, no PA or vocal gear.. all my gear is good budget gear, high value for the money, I have to don't have a lot of that so one must get value wherever it can be found.. believe it or not those little Monoprice amps are decent value untouched and when modded they even increase in value, I use the 5 plugged into the TS64 half stack, impedance matches up and the 4x8's sound better than the one lil 8.. the monoprice 15 I had for about year didn't use it whole lot, solo when I did and a few weeks before the warranty was over it began making a high pitch squeal, maybe cone cry not sure so i got it replaced and it appears to be 100%.. they say a filter cap upgrade even tho they are quiet, tone stock mods, tube upgrade and speaker upgrade and they keep up, maybe one day?

    I have like 5 MIJ mid 80's and 1 mid 80's Jackson, all decent guitars, I just picked up an M4 survivor, a rarely played 86 model 4 Kahler, the Kahler is like brand new as are the knobs, well the entire guitar, as if it was never played? when I got it it wouldn't make sound I traced it to a bad input, as you know these have those plastic style and it crumbled someone tried to tape it up then apparently tossed it under the bed? they prolly had it for a month or less and tripped on the cord broke the input jack didn't know how to fix it so in the tweed case it went and it stayed there? its eerily new..

    it also came with mint paperwork, pretty cool.. the top mount kahler trem bar is unused, and its in NEW condition, the metal tip style? has the kahler warranty, instructions, and the Charvel warranty both unfilled and look brand new, its like someone went back in time, bought it then came back to the 20's, very weird? its staying in the case and paperwork and bar are getting vacuum sealed.. fairly rare condition so... perhaps bound for a museum some day?.. fiesta red, HSS, black head stock, rosewood neck, rear route of course, pups are like new.. very weird, the boost is STILL mounted to the volume pot! the black shielding paint is all there..

    anyways I have another black rear route top mount M4 that's black, rosewood neck, good condition, I have a model 1 or 2 that's a top mount JT6 and just a bride humbucker, js200? REAL good shape, rosewood neck.. then I have a real good shape like newish RD3, has a 1/4 sawn rosewood fret board, weighs like 7 lbs.. very very nice, its apart now getting a re-polish on the body and then some new parts to complete it, rosewood neck.. then I have an HSS rosewood neck with a strat body and pick guard mid-late 80's Charvel not exactly sure which model it is? it has a floyd rose trem but I don't think its stock as its chrome and the tuners are black? bastardized I think? good neck, pick guard style is stock and in tact, good shape I guess.. this one has been played, and when you play it you know why..$110 hard to pass up..

    then I have 3 Charvel acoustics, and a new DK24 dinky, the pink model..

    I also have the one Jackson Professional Rev in the mail.. this is a primo looking MIJ Jackson.. should be here on the 25th? HH, impossible to find a good HH Charvel so I went for a Jackson in the same spirit and the Rev's have good reviews so I thought why not?, the last Rev sold on Reverb for like $2200 was it over in the UK at that music studio /guitar store... I got one for $300? same purple color rosewood fret board..
    I guess my Charvel collection will be complete once i get a few maple necks, in HH preferably, one top mount Kahler and a few floyd rose,maybe even 6 pt strat style?

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    I am a newb myself. It's good to see folks coming in!!
    You have quite a collection there. As I am a fan of 80s Metal and Rock, you have some stuff that as youngsters in the 80s to 90s, we would have LOVED to have!!
    Enjoy the JCF.
    These folks are a hotbed of knowledge, and are always ready to help preserve The Heritage.