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Js32 vs dkmg/dxmg?

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  • Js32 vs dkmg/dxmg?


    I am considering purchasing a HH Jackson.
    Apart from the obvious differences (hums, probably wood)
    do you know the differences between the DKMG/DXMG series guitars and the JS series?
    I mean neckwise, do they have the same necks/feel, mostly?

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    As I don't know enough about imports...

    My experiences with DKMG tell me that they have a very different neck from the rest of the Jackson line.
    Also, they are an archtop. There's nothing wrong with an archtop, especially if you like archtops. But you should be aware that it is not the typical flat body.
    Good solid built guitars, but I wouldn't suggest it if someone was looking for a "Jackson".

    My experiences with DXMG is:
    1. make sure you know what you are getting. i've seen many mislabeled models. So much so, that I googled DXMG as I was typing just to make sure I knew which one we are talking about.
    2. don't write it DKMG/DXMG. they are not associated with each other and should be written separately.
    3. Because they were on the cheaper side, many 'beginners' bought them which has led to the used market being full of 'my first attempt at a repair - gone wrong'.

    And the JS models... I've never played one. But, well, they are the cheapest ones Jackson makes. But from what I gather, I would put them on the same level as a Maestro or Squire.