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Jackson Roswell Rhoads Appreciation - Strangest guitar ever made?

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  • Jackson Roswell Rhoads Appreciation - Strangest guitar ever made?

    Hello everyone! This model has been one of the strangest and rarest guitars I've ever seen!
    Have any of you had the great chance to play a Jackson Roswell Rhoads guitar?
    In this appreciation video I share all the information that I was able to find on the various models produced in the USA and Japan.

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    The first time I had seen this Body Style
    was not too long ago.

    I was browsing YouTube and saw
    had one in Silver aluminum.


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      I had one of the Pro series (MIJ Polar) and it was a complete f*cking turd. I ended up selling mine for $400 a few years ago, now I see people trying to sell them for well over a thousand dollors (and anyone stupid enough to pay it deserves the heartbreak they'll get)

      The upper wing was too thin, I was always afraid it would snap off, not comfortable at all the play, the neck was actually pretty nice - I almost bought a replacement body on ebay in a heavier wood, but it was just so.. blah in every way.

      I still want one of the Aluminum ones, but not really to play just to own as a piece of history and it's neat looking, but my experience is they were complete shit.
      In the future though I need to remember to not buy guitars while on Nyquil


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        Every time I think of the Roswell Rhoads, I can't help but also associate it with the even stranger Roswell Star and Disruptor models.