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New Jake E Lee/Red Dragon Cartel Album

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  • New Jake E Lee/Red Dragon Cartel Album

    "Patina" was released today, and I think it rocks. Much more of a Badlands vibe, while still bringing in the new elements Jake says he 's looking for. Singer sounds 1000x better on this one than the previous RDC album. Jake does a lot of soloing with a totally dry tone, and I'm digging it big-time.
    He's got himself a new Charvel, as seen in the video- probably just a one-off for him, but it would be cool if they do a another version of his sig model.

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    I dig it. I recognize Jake DNA in the solos. Very nicely recorded drums, too.
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      Cool song. Haven't heard anything new out of Jake in years.
      Thanks for sharing that.