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act now and you could score a bastardized model 6 for $7500!!!

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  • act now and you could score a bastardized model 6 for $7500!!!

    because they couldn't figure out how to fit an OFR into a JT6 route

    edit: wrong forum, meant to put in "efraid of ebay"
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    Wow what a piece of crap for stupid money. Legendary luthiers did the work! WOW! Speed matted neck! WOW! Holly grail until they fuccccccckkked with it! WOW And some one will probably buy it.


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      same seller had an esp uc hanneman model, the same one that normally sells for around $5000, listed for $250,000. sadly I don't see it on there any more


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        The level of bullshit amazes me

        I have had this guitar in a climate-controlled environment for 12 years. This was a nostalgia purchase, and has been kept in a case in my air conditioned, non-smoking home.
        I have my RR1 in a smokers room for 20 years and its binding is nowhere near as yellow as seen in those pics
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          I want to see what’s going on with that homemade retrofit..

          Would be a interestingly janky player but people like this never realize that and never price accordingly..
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