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  • Lexicon MPX-1

    I have a chance to buy a new Lexicon MPX-1 for $400. I had one of these a few years ago and paid a ton for it. They now sell for $700. This one is six months old but it is still in the original box with all the original styrofoam, and with the clear plastic still on the display( basically brand new it has never even been racked). I was debating on buying this or getting a T.C. Electronics G-Major. I've got the demo disc for the G-Major and it sounds good, but I have actually owned the Lexicon before and liked it. Could anyone who owns the G-Major give me a comparison of how it is compared to the Lexicon unit. Any info, suggestions, ideas, spam,or flaming would be appreciated.

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    Re: Lexicon MPX-1

    Don't know if it's true cause I don't own one so I don't have first hand experience. BUT, I asked about this same thing on another board, because GC was letting some of these go for rediculous prices last year. I was warned that there is about a one second plus delay (even on the new software) when switching between presets. Most of what I seem to remember reading was that many considered this nearly unusable in a live environment. Dunno though, I don't have one. FWIW.