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    Default reverse head crackle from ebay

    the pawn shop had a crazy price for a couple weeks then must have seen our FB trolling on it...kept dropping the price because the neck is damaged and the pictures he had made it look like a shit job. My friend in Italy bought it since he does wood working repairs on many things and figured for 400 why not take a chance.

    I get to play it for a couple days then off to Italy it goes.

    The neck damage was repaired really well and you can barely feel the crack that was glued back together, but the unit is rough especially the paint peeling off everywhere.. I can't wait till he fixes it up and puts yet another rare USA back to the former glory

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    That's a sick crackle!! I love the colors. I have to admit, BC Rich's crackle's entice me quite a lot more than a regular old Fire crackle (maybe because I own 4 fire crackles...) and this reminds of that style!

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    Seriously, that is an awesome crackle finish. Best color scheme I've ever seen!


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