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    Default Jackson slathx-m 3-7

    Jackson slathx-m 3-7 (white)

    Just picked one up & joined the community! (used to own a DR-3 back in the day, before online forums were a thing.) Anyway, i have some questions about the guitar if anyone else has one. or just a post to generally discuss the guitar.

    I'm looking for a case, any recommendations? I know i can just go and measure it, but im looking online for a case now, and wonder if anyone knows the length and width. I had a hard shell gator case for the previous guitar, but im not sure they make one that would fit. i like their cases.

    second, so the action is pretty low on the B; and as a result those tiny saddle-height-adjustment-poles/screws for that string stick up a bit. it's starting the shred my palm. i'd rather not file them down in case i need to make adjustments. is there a cover or something after-market i can place over all these saddle poles? maybe something similar to Petrruci's JP6 bridge? (but even his "cover" doesn't actually cover the pole screws.) idk.


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    guitar is 40.5" by 12.5" (inches). FYI

    attached a pic of the bridge saddles.

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    Have you looked at the Jackson SOLOIST/DINKY CASE - SKB yet? It's super nice.
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