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    Default NGD JAckson SLATXSD 3-7 Silverburst

    Kinda fell off the wagon here for the longest time... my taste for Jacksons never did though thought a NGD would be a nice moment to get back into things. Last year I went out to look for something that wasn't a Jackson, and got home with.. a Jackson... bought a slatxm 3-7 that I just couldn't set down again. I had a moment of doubt at that point but my budget at the time helped seal the deal for the slatxm since it was a bit cheaper. yet the other one kept smiling at me whenever I was in the shop... fast forward 8 months and it still was in the shop, only now with a ridiculous deal I couldn't say no to... 959, got it for 600, while trading in my old Mesa cab +200 to cover the price... big steal imo

    The family:

    used to be:
    2 Jackson Ke-7R

    2015 Jackson ellefson sig 5 string (bought second hand)
    2015 Bc Rich Jr V 7 TP
    2016 Jackson RRX24-7 BK
    2018 Jackson SLATXM 3-7 SW
    2019 Jackson SLATXSD 3-7 SB

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    Nice stuff.
    I must say, that BCR has a lovely top.
    96xxxxx, 97xxxxx and 98xxxxx serials oftentimes don't indicate '96, '97 and '98.


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