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    I still think it would be nice to have our own as well founded by us but I'm open to either.
    I havent cancelled the request yet until its decided.

    Wikia also offers a sort of democratic approach should we so choose to enable it.
    It allows the beuracrats to vote if someone should be removed of there status if they disappear or post malicious content, vandalism etc...

    I think it's a good idea myself, this way the power never rests in one person's hands alone, but that's also up for debate.

    As for editing and creating pages, there is a guide on the wikis main site that explains quite a bit, you can refer to it if you're having issues with something in particular.

    I'll try creating some content as well on the existing one and see what happens.

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    Just check led out the shannon soloist page, it looks good to me from what I can see.
    I'm on mobile site atm but its readable and laid out well on the mobile page

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    Maybe keep the request active. If you are granted the adoption, great. If we decide to start our own afterwards, DOUBLE GREAT, you own both and wield immense power

    Thanks, I'll check out the help guides and tweak my draft accordingly! I had lifted the specifications table template from the Ibanez Wikia so I didn't expect errors to mysteriously manifest on our Wikia. I'm sure I'll also quickly learn how to effectively use the editing interface.

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    Sounds good, I'll keep it active for now.
    I've also come across another pretty hefty resource for Jackson related material.
    Have a look through this when you get a chance.

    Theres far more info there then pickups as well, multiple categories, catalog scans etc...
    Serial number database for Amaerican models, and a fairly large list of models/origins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavymetal2000 View Post
    Holy Moses! First time I've seen that site. Surprised I've never seen it before. They did well!

    Do you know who owns it? I figure we could join them if they need our help (they have current models on there, suggesting that they keep on top of new releases); otherwise we might not need to do much, if anything at all...

    EDIT: Just realized they cover Jacksons only. No Charvels.
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    Yeh its strictly Jackson.
    But there's nothing stopping us from contacting him in regards to the information.

    Also, all the information is public. There are no copyrights so using it as a resource but not directly copying it isn't against any laws. But I did notice there were updates as recent as 2017 so it we could try contacting the guy.


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