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    Quote Originally Posted by diego_inc View Post
    Rr models went up to about sn 300 in 83 iirc...?
    Yep. RR0060 fell into my lap a while back, a white student w/ black hardware + TOM. It has a pretty unique feel, even compared to other fairly early San Dimas guitars I've played, with a rounded, substantial neck and a fat voice with loads of resonance you can feel through the body. Definite LP vibes you really don't get from most later RRs. Restoring it properly (finding period-correct Duncans, a replacement for one of the brass saddles + screw someone drilled out for no apparent reason, and worst of all, an early case) has proven a real challenge, though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Eristic View Post
    Yep. RR0060 fell into my lap a while back, a white student w/ black hardware +TOM
    I can't help but remember RR007-ish being for sale in my somewhat local area a few years ago.
    It was a white Student with black hardware and a TOM.
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    Interesting discussion about RR0080 (1983), pictured below, happening on the Jackson Made in U.S.A group on Facebook:

    EDIT: Never mind, after I posted this, the owner shared more photos and it turned out to be RR0801 (from 1984), not RR0080. Misread serial number. Partially my fault too for sharing here while the Facebook thread was still developing.

    More info about RR0801 from old JCF threads:

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