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    Default planet waves + Floyd rose?

    I posted a question about Floyd Rose systems here about a month ago and received some great advice. I put it all into practice, and while it helps
    I still have the strings go flat slightly after each time I use the whammy bar with moderate use.

    I saw this guy WITHOUT using the FR locking nuts and was amazed:

    There's a lot of planet waves VS. FR. but what if I do both?? and i found this video:

    has anyone here every put both on for a "back up" to keep your strings in tune?

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    I've seen people do it, IMHO overkill if you already have a locking nut

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    locking tuners on a guitar with a locking nut is really just a convenience to make stringing up faster. when you have the nut locked down properly, the fact that the tuners are locking won't affect the tuning stability at all. if you're having tuning problems with your double locking system, you need to investigate the bridge and the locking nut.

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    This is the exact setup on the Broderick guitars and it makes string changes SO much easier. I've really grown to like those tuners. I was unsure at first, now they're my favorite.

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    On my Fender Deluxe I put a Floyd on... I have locking Schallers and an LSR nut. Tuning stability is pretty impressive. I've really grown to like this over the Floyd nut. If I were aware that I liked this combo so much, I would have ordered my custom strathead like that.
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    I think I will be putting in on in the future. If I do, I'll let you guys know how it turns out.


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