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    Default My Edwards E Fr 140 Gt Ba and a question

    [There is a question at the end, i kind of started rambling before hand]

    So as far as really nice guitars, I have my 1992 Jackson Rhoads LTD "Tribute Rhoads", my Carvin, I've had a true custom shop Gibson Les Paul, I've had a custom Rhoads, etc etc.

    I have never bonded with and enjoyed playing a guitar more then my Edwards E Fr 140 Gt Ba. And I mean, it's not the prettiest guitar in the world, but there's something endearing about the look. And it just plays like butter.

    All of my stuff plays really well, but there is something almost magical about this guitar (that sounds so f*cking lame) I mean, it just feels right.

    And that's a problem for me in a way... I start playing my V which I love, and all I'm thinking is, 'get the 140', play my Rhoads and i put it down for the 140... I really think I've become a convert and I don't like it. lol.

    I'm thinking about buying one or two more of these as they come up just to see if *this* guitar is special or if this whole run was amazing. I truly wish I had access to this guitar back when I was still making music.

    Oh I was going to have this one painted (which I've since decided not to in fear it'll change the mojo) but never did hear back from Daneen Bronson after she said she'd make color samples. oh well. i'm kind of glad she didn't. i think it worked out in my favor.

    I have a question, have you ever found a guitar that you bonded so well with, you stopped playing everything else, and or sold other stuff to get more of that specific type of guitar? And I don't mean "I just got tired of this brand" like you found "the one" and you wanted that feel on all the guitars you played.

    I'm debating selling off some stuff (not necessarily guitars and this is not an add don't pm me about it) and picking up another 140 and a couple other Edwards. The sad and funny thing is, I expect that MK-600 I bought to be the stellar guitar out of the three I bought and, although it sounds amazing (Fishman moderns are awesome pickups) I barely look at the guitar, i go straight to the 140.

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    I sold most of my guitars, but kept a couple of Charvel Model 2's because they were quite frankly all I needed. One of them has the best unplugged and plugged tone of all the guitars I've owned, and it convinced me to "clean house" so to speak. I know exactly what you mean.


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