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    Default What is up folks! Haven't posted in forever. New guitars, new pics!

    I haven't been around in forever. Switched over to Carvins and PRS SEs and then Gibsons/Epiphones for awhile but slowly got pulled back into Jacksons. I tried out a couple of those RR24s (you can see them in this vid: but wound up falling in love with the Monarkhs (I know, not everyone's favorite). I've got three of them now and a fourth (the elusive white one with black binding) on the way. These are badsass, and the SD active pups are awesome. Some pics and some vids below:

    Some of my vids using the Monarkhs:

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    Looks great!

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    over there


    welcome back
    Hail yesterday

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    I dig those recent flat top RR imports.

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    Yeah the RRs were nice. I've moved away from Floyds so had a hard time getting back into them. Plus I wasn't a huge fan of the matte wood grain finishes. I think my main reason for deciding to go with Monarkhs is that I had a few of the PRS SE 22s with the wraparound stoptail bridge and I also got a couple of Gibson and Epiphone SGs and all of them of course were mahogany, plus I enjoyed the feel of the tune-o-matics. So after playing them for awhile and kind of wanting to go back to Jackson, the Monarkh seemed like the best option.

    Just got the white one in and it is killer as well!

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    They show up fine for me ... you can always go to my site ... have my instagram feed on there.


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