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    And yet, it's so easy to focus on the speed and forget about things like keeping the extra noise down. I guess the answer is: do both. Like you BenoA, I wish I had more time. I was beginning to think I was getting pretty good at sweeps, but not with the metronome, oh no. Those things are hard to do accurately in time!
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    Good job Cliff! And I will quote you:

    "So I decided to drop the speed down, and concentrate on getting it clean and staying relaxed. I figure that as I slowly raise the tempo, I'll gradually aclimate to the speed."

    You nailed it and that's also the way I work. Keep track of all of this on paper or in a booklet. If you are like me, some days, you'll have to reduce the speed, some others you'll jump up.

    I usually force myself at least from 2 to 5 bpm a day, depending on how it's going. And write down an objective beside the exercise. It's stimulating.

    And yes, keep the metronome opened!!! It's your best friend.

    Have fun and rock on!


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